Darren’s Story

Darren is a man in his twenties who sought therapy after coming out of rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Darren had experimented with drugs during adolescence, however, his addiction grew stronger after leaving school when he lost touch with his friends. Darren hit rock bottom after being contacted by his father who had been absent for most of his life. Overwhelmed and unable to cope with his emotions, Darren overdosed on drugs which nearly cost him his life. Darren decided to seek help at a time when life was getting out of control.

Previously, Darren had engaged in individual counselling and various therapy groups including anger management and art therapy, especially during his time at school to help him deal with his anger and hostility towards his teachers and peers. Darren chose to work with a creative medium because of his previous experiences using art in therapy as he felt talking would be too raw for him to begin with. In the sessions, Darren sometimes created art work or stories about him and his situation but from a safer distance.

Throughout the work with his therapist Darren developed a greater ability to reflect on his own experiences and courage to speak directly about his past and how growing up without his father had affected him. Working creatively felt therapeutic for Darren as it helped him gather his thoughts and work at a pace that felt safe for him. Darren was able to develop his own meaning and make connections for using drugs and alcohol as a way of coping with childhood trauma.

Darren’s commitment to recovery has helped turn his life around. Since seeking ongoing support Darren has managed to stay clean without relapsing. Darren is now feeling less fearful and more open to the idea of developing a relationship with his father as an adult.


Just like Darren, therapy can help you:

  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Recover from childhood trauma and make peace with your past
  • Learn healthier and safer ways of coping


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*Please note: The names and details have been changed and altered to protect the clients’ identities. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and do not identify any clients.