Kai’s Story

Kai is a woman in her fifties who lost her husband to cancer after being married for over 25 years. Although she is supported by loved ones most of the time, her children are all grown up and they live away from the family home. Kai has a few close friends, however, most of them have a full schedule and are busy with work and family commitments. Feeling depressed for some time, Kai’s GP prescribed her anti-depressants and recommended that she seek bereavement counselling. Kai came to therapy because she found it difficult to cope with her loss and has been feeling quite isolated.

Kai found comfort in meeting with her therapist as it gave her the necessary ongoing support so that she could fully process and make sense of her grief and suffering. In the beginning, Kai expressed a lot of sadness and tears, and she often had trouble expressing herself using words. The use of music, breathing and body awareness exercises helped her to feel more grounded. Kai also worked with art materials, objects and images (including bringing her own photographs into the sessions).

As time went on, Kai became more settled and began to use the sessions more verbally. She often referred back to earlier sessions by reflecting on the creative work and connecting this with her own grieving process. Therapy gave Kai the opportunity to work through her bereavement at a pace that felt right for her. It provided her with a calm, reflective space where she could find some resolution and peace. Letting go has been a difficult process for Kai, however, she has reached a new level of acceptance and can now give herself permission to move on and focus on herself.

Kai no longer requires anti-depressants or therapy. She is now more active in her community and feels motivated to enjoy life again.


Just like Kai, therapy can help you:

  • Build your inner strength, courage and resilience
  • Cope with change, transitions, endings and new beginnings
  • Find your own answers and resolutions
  • Think about your future and support you with moving on


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*Please note: The names and details have been changed and altered to protect the clients’ identities. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and do not identify any clients.