Manvir’s Story

Manvir is a man in his thirties living with Asperger Syndrome. Despite being on the Autistic spectrum, Manvir has managed to secure himself a well-paid job and has been living independently for quite some time. Unfortunately Manvir continues to find it difficult relating to people. Recently, Manvir has been facing a lot of pressures at work. His inability to cope with the growing workload has led him to lose his temper on many occasions with his colleagues. After being signed off of work for stress Manvir has become deeply depressed and anxious. Manvir initially sought help to learn some coping strategies to use at his workplace and coming to therapy has helped him with this and more.

Meeting his therapist for the first time evoked a lot of anxiety for Manvir. He realised that starting a new therapeutic relationship evoked the same uncomfortable feelings he has around people at work. It took nearly three months before Manvir could form a trusting relationship with his therapist. However, as time went on it became clear that being able to develop a positive therapeutic relationship is an important part of the work itself – what he learns from this relationship can be applied to his other relationships. Manvir began to open up and share how his Asperger’s has shaped the way he feels about himself and others.

Manvir benefitted from engaging in long-term weekly therapy as it gave him the necessary structure which enabled him to talk about himself in a safe and contained, and non-judgemental space. Manvir became more open to talking about his upbringing, personal and work relationships, and how living with Asperger’s impacts on his sense of self and belonging in the world. Therapy helped Manvir to reflect upon his identity and think about the things that make him feel different and similar to others, as well as support him to further bridge his connection with those around him.

Since starting therapy Manvir has returned back to work as he felt it was important to be part of his work community again. Nowadays, Manvir feels less anxious, more confident when around others, and can work out issues more effectively without it taking a toll on his mental health.


Just like Manvir, therapy can help you:

  • Feel safe and contained
  • Develop a greater sense of self
  • Understand your inner emotional world
  • Develop your social, emotional and expressive language skills


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*Please note: The names and details have been changed and altered to protect the clients’ identities. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and do not identify any clients.