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The Benefits of Relationship Therapy for Individuals

You and your partner get into an argument. It’s the same issue or a different issue that’s beginning to sound like the same thing. This happens over and over again.

You sometimes reach a compromise and may even agree to disagree. However, for some reason little things seem to take you and your partner back to arguing with each other.

You want to understand each other but sometimes you don’t know if you’re even speaking the same language. Sometimes you wonder if the problem is with them and then you worry if the problem is coming from you. You want to understand yourself a bit better because you want to improve your relationship.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You may be wondering, in such a scenario, why you would want to work on your relationships alone in individual therapy instead of going together to couples counselling?

Perhaps you feel guilty about bringing this issue to a professional when you want to work it out between the two of you.

There are benefits to both types of therapy. To get closer to understanding your relationships, sometimes it’s helpful to have some distance by focusing on yourself first.

There are many benefits of relationship therapy for individuals.

1. It’s okay to give yourself some space for personal self-reflection. Without this thinking space, your feelings can boil over or you may continue to feel confused. When you feel heard and are helped to digest the situation, you can feel more receptive to listening and communicating.

2. Working one-to-one with a professional who is neutral and not directly involved in the situation or has any personal ties or connection to yourself or your partner can offer you a more objective point of view. When you gain greater clarity in this way, you can communicate better with your partner.

3. You may have experienced difficult relationships in the past where you found it difficult to show your authentic self because you feared others would judge. If you think your past experiences block you from opening yourself to others, working one-to-one in therapy gives you individualised support to better understand yourself so that you may heal past traumas. When you work on healing deeper issues, you become aware of what issues stem from your past and you become better at separating out issues.

4. The relationship you’re currently in might even feel very familiar to previous relationships. You may not understand why you’re drawn to certain types of relationships and may already see some unhealthy patterns in your current relationship. When working on these deeper levels, you open yourself to seeing the whole picture. You see why you choose certain relationships, what role you play in relationships and how you relate to people. When you understand yourself at this deep level, you make healthy and nurturing choices towards yourself and others.

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