What's on Offer
Informal Chat
Free30 minutes
  • Phone Consultation
  • Get advice about your situation.
    Ask any question about me and the way I work.
First Meeting
£6050 minutes
  • Initial Consultation
  • Meet me in the therapy space.
    See if working together feels right for you.
Individual Therapy
£7050 minutes / per session
  • Weekly Sessions in Angel or Farringdon
  • Decide after our first meeting.
    Discuss your needs and start working together.

Mental health affects us all.

People come to therapy for many reasons.

Some people come with a specific issue in mind. Others come with several entangled issues.

“I want to reconcile with my brother who I haven’t seen in 10 years.”

“I want to let go of my ex-partner so I can move on and find love again.”

“I want to cope with the pain of living away from my children.”

“I want to share something about my past before my wedding day.”

“I want to be more self-accepting so I can live life to the fullest.”


Can you relate?

Perhaps it’s time to reach out.


What to Expect 

30 Minute Phone Chat 

This is a free phone call.

Know that it’s okay to ask for help – there’s a human on the other end of the line.

Speaking to me before making a commitment gives you a chance to:

  • ask any question related to your own personal circumstance
  • ask any question about therapy, my approach and the way I work
  • establish whether my current availability works with your schedule


50 Minute Face-to-Face Consultation

The initial consultation is £60 for 50 minutes.

This meeting is about making a human connection in person. Being a good fit is important.

Share what you feel comfortable and see how you feel when we’re in the same room together – trust your gut feeling.

I will share all the necessary information to help you make your decision about therapy with me.

In this meeting, we can discuss:

  • the main issues that bring you to seek therapy
  • what you expect from a therapist
  • what you hope to achieve


Weekly Therapy

The fee is £70 / per 50 minute session.

Once we agree to work together, we will meet face-to-face on a weekly basis at the same location, same day and time.

We only start when you are happy with our agreement and when you have fully consented to our work together.


I’m here to help you.

Making a connection is the first step to getting help.

Book online and instantly confirm your appointment time with me.