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Meet Jamie

Hi, I’m Jamie. I provide counselling in Central London.

I’m a Dramatherapist.

You might also call me a Helper for Everyday Heroes.

I’m passionate about helping people take better care of themselves so they can be the best version of themselves, and continue being there for those who matter most.


Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.

– Sigmund Freud

“Can you actually help me?” – The Classic Counselling Question

You’ve landed on the About page because you’re eager to find out if my counselling style can actually help you.

Having sifted through lengthy introductions on several therapists’ websites, you’re beginning to feel as if you’re reviewing people’s CVs for a job interview. You haven’t got time or patience to decode the letters that come after a name. With so many Google tabs open, you’re racking your brain trying to understand the difference between the various types of therapies. Finding a therapist in a sea of qualified professionals is so frustrating when you just want to find the right-fit therapist for you.

Before I introduce myself further, I want to cut to the chase by making this process easier for you.

First, let me share a bit about who benefits the most from working with me. Then, I’ll give you examples of what success looks like. If what you see resonates with you, you can learn more about me and my background at the end of this page.


Counselling Clients Who See Real Change

Usually, I work 1-to-1 with adults with diverse backgrounds and unique stories.

People who often come to me for support want to tackle the immediate issues that are current and pressing and find personal resolve to the bigger issues rooted in the past. Often, they come with an awareness that what they’re experiencing now and what they’ve experienced back then are connected. Clients who make it their mission to get to the bottom of what causes them the most stress are often ready and willing to do the work. Ultimately, clients who come determined with an open mind are usually the ones who get the most out of therapy with me.


Here are some common traits I notice in counselling clients who I do my best work with:

  • Go-Getter

    • Self-Motivated and Passionate

      • Individuals who are unafraid to take the lead. Without needing too much hand-holding, they know what they want help with, and are often the driver of their therapy. They are also proactive and love putting new learning into practice. This type of client often feels rejuvenated and inspired when supported to work towards their intended goal.
      • If this sounds like you, you’ll likely appreciate that I’ll be there right beside you (never grabbing at the wheel or sitting passively in the backseat).
  • Secret Introvert

    • Reflective and Introspective

      • Individuals with a soft and sensitive core. No matter how outgoing or sociable they appear to others, they have a quiet side and need a lot more downtime to recover from a busy day. They value thinking time and they often feel re-nourished after some headspace. This type of client benefits from working freely without restriction and at their own pace.
      • If this sounds like you, you’ll likely appreciate that I’m empathetic and flexible in my approach. I don’t assign homework and you’ll never be pushed to share or expected to achieve something in the session if it doesn’t feel right for you.
  • Kid-at-Heart

    • Energetic and Playful

      • Individuals who are naturally curious and creative. Beyond the serious and responsible layer, they have a fun side and even a wicked sense of humour. When given a chance to do something a little differently, they are open to giving new things a go. They have big dreams and they sometimes let their minds wander beyond what seems possible. This type of client flourishes when they give themselves permission to dream, play, laugh, and let go.
      • If this sounds like you, you’ll likely appreciate that I want to help you grow as a whole person. Therapy with me is more than focusing solely on your problems. We build on your strengths so you can experience true healing.


I’m Probably Your Right-Fit Therapist if You’re Looking For:

  • an ongoing, protected space to work through deeper issues
  • a sensitive and non-judgemental therapist who is also unafraid of naming the ‘elephant in the room’
  • flexible ways of working including tackling the problem head-on and being free to explore ‘whatever comes up’ without pressure or expectation
  • talk-based therapy with options to be creative

I’m Probably Not Your Right-Fit Therapist if You’re Looking For:

  • a handful of sessions to equip you with a few tools and techniques to fix immediate problems
  • a neutral, “blank screen” therapist who listens passively or an all-knowing therapist who leads with the answers
  • a pre-set therapy programme with pre-defined objectives and steps to achieve specific outcomes
  • talk-based therapy only

If you’ve made it this far and you’re interested to learn more, allow me to introduce myself.

You may even feel more certain and hopeful in your search, but you just need to see the finer details about my training and experience. Perhaps you’re curious to learn about my story as a therapist.

My Story

Just like you, I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world.

As a first-generation Asian Canadian, I’ve experienced unique challenges in life that come with being a minority and being labelled as “different”.

Growing up, I found confidence, strength and belonging through my involvement with drama, theatre, and the performing arts. For me, the creative arts are powerful and can spark change and promote healing. My personal development fuelled my passion to train as a therapist, in particular, a Dramatherapist.

Jamie Kelly of YTherapy is a Dramatherapist and offers Dramatherapy, Therapy & Counselling in Angel and Farringdon, Central London, EC1.

My personal and professional life has taught me:

Whatever your background or circumstance, you have the power to create your own path and reach your full potential.

Honestly, I know from my own path to becoming a therapist that it takes time to share your vulnerabilities. Therapy is a process that requires great care, sensitivity, and respect.

Most noteworthy, I believe that all heroes and healers who have the courage to look at their vulnerabilities can change the world.


My Background in Dramatherapy and Counselling

I am a qualified and registered Dramatherapist with over 10 years of experience working in different sectors.

Uniquely, I combine traditional and contemporary psychotherapy in my practice. My approach is rooted in attachment theory, creative arts therapies, trauma research, and neuroscience. This means you will be fully supported to heal past trauma and reach your full potential.

Having worked in challenging environments (like psychiatric hospitals and prisons), I can say – I know trauma. In turn, I’m not easily shaken or shocked. You can expect a strong and sturdy therapist by your side.



Jamie Kelly, Dramatherapist and Counsellor in Central London | Angel and Farringdon

My Central London Therapy Offices

My office spaces are comfortable and cosy. Here are the two rooms I practice from at City Road Therapy in Angel.

You can expect a safe space to talk through anything that is currently worrying you.

Finally, you can also expect a creative and nurturing space to grow, heal and flourish.


YTherapy office in Central London, Angel. Cosy and comfortable space to process trauma, first responder issues, social workers, nurses and other counselling concerns.

Jamie Kelly has a YTherapy office in Central London, Angel. Cosy and comfortable space to process trauma, health and social care worker issues and other counselling concerns.

Begin Counselling for Adults in London

If you are ready to meet with me, let’s do this! I want to help you unlock the power within your life. When you are ready to begin counselling in my Angel or Farringdon therapy offices, follow these simple steps:

  1. Schedule your free, 20-minute phone consultation.
  2. Open yourself to the idea of healing in a creative way!
  3. Live a more confident, expressive life.


Other YTherapy Counselling Services

At YTherapy, I offer Dramatherapy and counselling for a variety of mental health issues from my therapy offices in Angel and Farringdon, Central London. I enjoy helping adults from all walks of life. My clients often include people who spend much of their time helping others such as first responders, other counsellors and therapists, and healthcare professionals. Whether you are dealing with trauma or PTSDstress and burnoutrelationship problems or just about any other mental health concern, I would love to assist you in being the very best version of yourself. Contact me today to schedule a free call. Start your healing journey and rediscover joy in your life.