Health care professionals, social workers and other helpers serve as a lifeline to everyone. You have the remedy, cure and answers that people seek. People depend on your work for their survival. They hang their hopes on you to be there for them. You chose this career because you want to help others. To make a real difference in people’s lives. And you do. That’s what makes what you do so rewarding. No matter the challenge, to you, it’s all worth it.

Young braided hair african american woman professional nurse over yellow background very happy and excited doing winner gesture with arms raised, smiling and screaming for success. Celebrating her positive mental health after attending counselling in central London for burnout.

Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers: You are Not Super Human!

Regardless of your passion and skills, deep down, you know you can’t fix everything. Therapy for health professionals is available to you in Angel and Farringdon. There’s a lot of need in this world and there’s not enough of you to go around. When you go above and beyond, you also become stressed and overstretched – like the health and social care system itself.

Working in a system with so much demand and with so many gaps, it’s impossible to meet the needs of everyone. Seeing a skilled therapist who specialises in working with medical professionals is a great place to start your self-care.

Does this sound like you?

  • Constantly tired and feeling run down yet continue running on full speed
  • Taking your work home with you (both physically and mentally) and when you’re not working, you feel guilty and think to yourself “I should really…”
  • Feeling anxious, stressed and emotionally overwhelmed by things out of your control
  • Thinking about your patients on your ‘off days’ and sometimes disturbing and intrusive thoughts pop up out of nowhere

It’s normal for nurses to neglect their needs, but it shouldn’t be the norm.

When you’re being pushed to the limits, when you have nothing more to give, when you’re draining your personal reserves – you’re at high risk of burnout. You’re reminded of this when you see your colleagues go off sick (or quit), when you don’t feel fully supported by your manager, and when you feel so overworked yet believe you’re not doing enough. Even though you’re often the one on cover, working extra long hours, and seeing the most difficult cases.

Your Mental Health is Just as Important

Feeling not good enough in a demanding landscape that keeps changing can eat you up. You want to be seen as strong and sturdy in your position but you’re about to break into a million pieces. You feel ashamed of feeling weak and vulnerable. At this point, your anxiety is getting the better of you. You may even feel demotivated, not wanting to go to work. For someone who is as dedicated to your job as you are and with so much to offer, this is a wake-up call.

It’s okay to not be okay.

You can overcome your struggles and challenges which are unique to your profession and personal situation by working with a professional and experienced therapist who is trauma sensitive. I understand the impact of trauma, compassion fatigue, PTSD and secondary PTSD. Having worked with multidisciplinary teams in the NHS and in social care settings, I understand your daily stresses, the impact of systemic / organisational trauma, and the difficult material you have to deal with.

What is Therapy for Health and Social Care Professionals Professional african american male doctor posing at hospital office after attending counselling in angel London for secondary trauma. Medical technology research institute and doctor staff working and ensuring their own mental health in the process. Happy smiling models are used to represent confident, well-adjusted health professionals who have attended counselling with a professional London therapist.

This type of therapy considers the experiences that are unique to individuals working as Health and Social Care Professionals. Counselling for professionals working in healthcare or social care include: Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, and any primary case workers within healthcare or social care settings. In your profession, you’re constantly exposed to emotional distress, physical and psychological trauma. As such, you are at greater risk for being traumatised by what you see, hear and experience on a regular basis. Together, we look at how you’re personally impacted and how you’re coping. We get to the core of what causes you the most stress. Oftentimes, we will include one or more ways of working in the following approaches below.

Trauma Therapy for Health and Social Care Professionals

Trauma is not exclusively reserved for our clients. Nurses, doctors, social care workers and other helping professionals can experience trauma on a daily basis. Trauma Therapy helps you process direct trauma and indirect trauma so you can feel stronger and more resilient in the face of trauma. Often, health professionals are either witnessing, directly experiencing or fixing the visible and invisible injuries from:

  • Aggression
  • Assaults
  • Attacks

In addition to seeing and witnessing, caring professionals sometimes need to intervene and play an active role. Therapy for health professionals in London can include specialised trauma therapy.

Portrait of beautiful french nurse looking at camera, smiling because her therapist helps with her burnout symptoms in Angel and Farringdon London

Stress and Burnout Therapy for Health and Social Care Professionals

Although many people can experience burnout, health professionals and social care workers will deal with acute stress and burnout at a much more frequent and intense level. Stress and Burnout Therapy helps you look at the various stressors from work and how you can lead a more balancing life. Work-life balance may seem like a total myth, but with night shifts, extra shifts, weekend shifts, and being on-call it is important to prioritise your personal self care and mental health. Although working overtime and sometimes at odd hours are the demands of your job, therapy for health professionals can make these demands more tolerable long-term.

Relationship Therapy for Health and Social Care Professionals

Home and family relationships matter, even when you are responsible for the health and wellbeing of others all day. Relationship Therapy helps you leave work at work so you’re fully present when you’re at home. Repair your relationships and strengthen your bonds with your nearest and dearest. Perhaps you have noticed these issues:

  • Little time for family and friends.
  • Distant intimacy or a loveless love life.
  • You work when others play.
  • Even with time off to spend with others, you are still somehow alone.

Let’s work together to improve your mental and emotional health so you can be a better partner, friend and family member. Counselling for health professionals in Angel and Farringdon is the place to start.

Dramatherapy for Health and Social Care Professionals

If all of this just sounds like too much or too hard to dive into, you may consider working with me through Dramatherapy in London. Dramatherapy helps you express and process what gets trapped in your mind and body so you can be free in your thoughts and feelings. Often, my health and social care clients will describe their emotions in some of the following ways:

  • Feeling numb
  • Trapped in your own emotions
  • Not feeling like a part of everyday reality
  • Experiencing life from a place outside of their body as an external observer

You may find it difficult to express yourself to those you care most about, to those you know can be a support to you. This doesn’t have to be an issue for you forever. We can improve your mental health in a meaningful way.

Therapy for Health and Social Care Professionals helps address:

  • anxiety and depression
  • bullying and assault
  • low self-esteem and low self-worth
  • self-harm and thoughts of suicide
  • substance misuse issues with drugs and alcohol
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Therapy for Health and Social Care Professionals helps you:

  • release and express anxiety and worrying thoughts, feelings and actions
  • process stressful and traumatic material from work
  • build inner-strength and resilience from within


Begin Therapy for Health Professionals in London

Starting counselling in London is simple. You work hard, so your therapy journey shouldn’t have to be. Whenever you’re ready, I’m here to help you stay strong so you can continue to change the lives of people who need you the most. Follow these three, easy steps:

  1. Schedule your free, 20-minute phone consultation.
  2. Work with a skilled, professional, mental health therapist.
  3. Regain your strength and rediscover your passion and love for life.


Other YTherapy Counselling Services

In my Angel and Farringdon offices, I work with all types of adults and professionals in various other helping services. Individuals from these fields often include Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists, and first responders. You do not have to hold the burden of being the hero by yourself. Let me help you so you can continue to help others.


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