Who said work-life balance was easy? In today’s fast-paced world, it can feel like we are constantly juggling everything in life. With a demanding job that seems to eat up most of your day (and energy), all you want to do is go home and sleep. To shut everything off. But you can’t because you also have responsibilities at home and with your family and friends. When you start ignoring social invitations because they feel like chores, you know deep down you are stressed and about to burn out. 

What makes it harder is that you are responsible and dependable. You’re a pro at multitasking. You always have everything under control and you hate letting people down. In fact, you love helping people and take pride in what you do. So you do more. All the time. 

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

When you are feeling overworked and overwhelmed with your commitments, it helps to slow down. Pushing yourself to a point of exhaustion where you’re not able to physically and mentally give is a serious red flag and could be detrimental to your physical and mental health. When you feel guilty for taking a sick day and lie in bed with a restless mind, it’s time to take a closer look at your situation, mindset and approach to work-life balance. 

Understanding the demands of your busy life, I offer early morning, afternoon and evening appointments. Although counselling and psychotherapy requires a commitment, I know that things come up in life – like deadlines, travelling and unexpected childcare emergencies. That’s why I offer my clients flexible phone and online options for rescheduling face-to-face sessions. Put your mind at ease and know there is always a way to get through any hurdle.

What is Stress and Burnout Therapy?Head turning to ashes to represent the concept of burnout or secondary trauma symptoms. Trauma therapy and burnout counselling available in London.

Stress and Burnout Therapy helps you to slow down and take a good look at the source of your stress, perceptions and how to cope. 

Stress comes from many sources. In Stress and Burnout Therapy, we focus on work-related stress and look at the whole picture of how your job impacts different areas within your life. When I work with clients, we look at the situation to understand what might be happening on the outside. These may be external forces out of your control such as workload, lack of resources, relationship issues between you, your colleagues and clients. 

Burnout Treatment in London is Not Just External

It is equally important to explore what might be happening with you on the inside. This includes your attitude and approach to work, the responsibilities you assume for yourself, the relationship and power dynamics at home and work.

If you are feeling burnt out and in need of sick leave, both your body and mind suffer. People who work in caregiving professions are more likely to experience compassion fatigue or vicarious / secondary trauma. When you’re emotionally invested in your job and the lives of others, absorbing their trauma can overwhelm you physically, psychologically and emotionally.

What to Expect in Stress and Burnout Therapy

Photo of hand reaching out toward the sea, over the beach with a small stack of three stones balancing on the palm. Symbolises stress management and the possibility of more balance after counselling and therapy at our London locationsStress and Burnout Therapy helps you acknowledge and relieve the source of your stress and worries.  Together, we work on helping you find balance between work and home.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises that more and more people are suffering from stress and burnout in workforces. When addressing what makes you feel stressed at work, we will look at the situation at hand and you will be supported to process your difficulties on a deeper level. This is not a quick-fix solution where you’re given tips and techniques on how to better manage your workload. Instead, it’s about getting to the core of your stress, and taking a closer look at what things you feel are out of your control and what things are within your control.


Who Benefits from Stress and Burnout Therapy

If you are a high-achiever or perfectionist and you constantly find yourself in a position where you are taking responsibility for everything and everyone, then this type of therapy can help you. I have supported people who work in demanding jobs and in stressful work environments. Many of my clients are helpers such as nurses, counsellors or other first responders.  However, anyone can feel burned out and stressed by work at times. Having worked in many trauma organisations (e.g. hospitals, prisons, drug rehabilitation units) and with individuals who have experienced organisational / systemic discrimination and abuse, I understand the depth and complexity of work-related stress. Together, we can zoom into the issues and step back to take a bird’s eye view so you can gain a clearer picture from multiple angles.

Stress and Burnout Therapy helps address:

  • anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm
  • bullying and harassment 
  • compassion fatigue, vicarious and secondary trauma
  • feelings of negativity and pessimism
  • toxic relationships and work culture
  • work overload and over-commitment

Stress and Burnout Therapy helps you:

  • create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • develop greater self-compassion and self-care
  • develop your inner strength and resilience

Find Your Balance with Stress and Burnout Therapy

Stress & Burnout Therapy Case Study – *Manvir’s Story

Manvir is a man in his thirties living with Asperger Syndrome. Despite being on the Autistic spectrum, Manvir has managed to secure himself a well-paid job and has been living independently for quite some time. Unfortunately, Manvir continues to find it difficult relating to people. Recently, Manvir has been facing a lot of pressures at work. His inability to cope with the growing workload has led him to lose his temper on many occasions with his colleagues. After being signed off work for stress Manvir has become deeply depressed and anxious. Manvir wanted to learn coping strategies for his workplace, and coming to therapy has helped greatly.

Photo of a man looking away from the camera, in distress. Referred to on page as, Manvir, receiving therapy for stress and burnout in London.

Meeting his therapist for the first time evoked a lot of anxiety for Manvir. Starting a new relationship in therapy evoked the same uncomfortable feelings he has around people at work. It took nearly three months before Manvir could form a trusting relationship with his therapist. However, it became clear that what he learns from this positive, therapeutic relationship can be applied to his other relationships. Manvir began to open up and share how his Asperger’s has shaped the way he feels about himself and others.

Counselling for Burnout and Stress Can Make a Difference!

As he hoped, Manvir benefitted from engaging in weekly therapy. This process gave him the necessary structure which enabled him to talk about himself in a safe and contained, and non-judgmental space. With time, Manvir became more open to talking about his upbringing, personal and work relationships. Also, how living with Asperger’s impacts on his sense of self and belonging in the world. Therapy helped Manvir to reflect upon his identity and think about the things that make him feel different and similar to others. Ultimately supporting him to further bridge his connection with those around him.

Counselling can be a Key for Better Health

Since starting therapy, Manvir has returned back to work as he felt it was important to be part of his work community again. Nowadays, Manvir feels less anxious, more confident when around others, and can work out issues more effectively without it taking a toll on his mental health.


Just like Manvir, Stress and Burnout Therapy can help you:

  • Feel safe, balanced and motivated at work and in life
  • Develop personal boundaries and a more robust sense of self
  • Manage overwhelming and troublesome thoughts and feelings
  • Improve your relationships at work and home


*Please note: Name and details have been changed and altered to protect the client’s identity. The photograph is for illustrative purposes only and does not identify any clients.


Begin Stress and Burnout Therapy in Central London

You too can achieve the kind of balance Manvir found from burnout counselling and stress therapy. Of course, I know it can feel uneasy to reach out and open up. However, the healing you desire is possible with the help of a professional burnout therapist and counsellor, here in London. When you are ready to begin, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Schedule your free, 20-minute phone consultation.
  2. Work with a skilled burnout therapist and stress counsellor.
  3. Find the balance and sense of safety you truly deserve.

Other Services Available at YTherapy

At YTherapy, I provide help for a variety of mental health issues at my counselling offices in Angel and Farringdon, Central London. I enjoy helping individuals from all walks of life.  Many of my clients are “helps” themselves meaning I often provide counselling for first responders, other counsellors and therapists, and healthcare professionals. As a burnout therapist, I use a variety of therapeutic interventions to help reach the root of your problems. I also offer creative arts therapy (such as Dramatherapy) and traditional talk therapy to help you find true healing and emotional freedom. If you are dealing with trauma or PTSD, relationship problems or another concern, I want to help you be the very best version of yourself. Contact me today to schedule a free call. You deserve some time and space away from your daily stresses so you can reach your fullest potential.