Struggling with your relationships and finding it difficult to open up?

When there’s a wall between you and your relationships, you can see it and you can feel it.

Part of you wants to work it out by yourself.

You tell yourself “It’s not that bad”.

Your fear of failure, of losing control, of letting people down is strong. So you bottle up your feelings. It feels safer to keep everything inside. For now.

Part of you wants to address the problem head-on.

You tell yourself “There is a problem and I need to resolve this”.

Your determination to come away stronger and wiser is greater than your fears. You want help and wonder where to find counselling and psychotherapy.

It’s ok to feel both ways, it’s ok to ask for help.

Help is here.


Relationship Therapy for Individuals in Angel & Farringdon

Relationships play a big role in shaping our mental health.

If we have better relationships, we have better mental health.

My passion is to help people thrive in their everyday relationships.

To get closer to those we love, we sometimes need support from outside our circle of family and friends.

Make space for yourself. Free your mind. Talk to an impartial, non-judgemental and experienced therapist.

Individual relationship therapy helps you look at what’s really going in inside.

Here’s the truth:

Your relationship with your partner, children, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues shapes who you are today. Health relationships build you up, and the not-so-healthy ones drag you down.

The earlier, the longer, and the more intense your experience of unhealthy relationships = the greater the challenge you are likely to experience in your relationships now.

For example – if you had a painful childhood, you may find it difficult to form a strong bond in your personal relationships as an adult.

Therapy helps you unlock the secret to having better relationships.

  • Resolve your own personal trauma
  • Heal the root issues that stem from your past
  • Develop a better, more nurturing relationship with yourself.

Imagine what life can look like:

  • When you know yourself better, you communicate better.  You get heard.
  • When you know what you want in life, you go get what you want in life. You get noticed.
  • When you know your limits, you set your limits. You get respect.


Be in control.
Live life to the fullest.
Feel happy in your relationships.


Being a good fit is important.

Improve and strengthen your relationships. Find out how I can help you.

Schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation with me to learn more about therapy for your situation.

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I'm learning to be my own version of me -
not who other people want me to be.



For the first time I'm noticing how
I'm thinking differently about myself and other people.
This feeling is so freeing!



When I put in the work and make changes on the inside,
changes I make on the outside somehow become effortless.



It's time I put myself first!