It’s hard to be there for others when you’re not there for yourself.

Uh-oh. You can feel your stress levels rising again

To the point where you’re:
Tipping into anxious overwhelm.

Teetering on the cliff edge of burnout.

Doubting if you’ll ever achieve real work-life balance.

It’s a delicate dance for us helpers, isn’t it?

Knowing when to let our passion take flight and when we must touchdown for a refuel. Before our power drains to zero.

Or yikes… short-circuits in mid-flow.

With a heart of gold and shatterproof stamina to live out your intention, it can feel really unfair to get tripped up by your insecurities (just when you’re on a roll).

So you quietly suffer and power through
your wobbles & overwhelm.

Because pausing to step back feels selfish
more often than it feels necessary.

After all, your personal mantra is:

I Got This.


Something's Gotta Change or Something's Gonna Give


Do you have the energy to take on another day of:

Rollercoasting through your highs and lows? 

Wrestling with your inner demons? 

Snapping at your loved ones?

It’s starting to come out sideways . . .

Let’s get down to business.
This time with your mental health.


You can still move heaven and earth for others. 

But when it comes to caring for YOU –
your mental health gets a once-over, half-hearted, surface-skim.

How does that work?
And more importantly – Why?

Deep down you know it’s not a lack of
knowledge, desire or time that’s holding you back.

Gulp. It’s fear. 

Fear of what’s lurking behind your shiny armour.

Fear of what others may see.

And you guessed it
of your vulnerability.


Helpers need help too.

You can’t help others unless you help yourself first.

Only when you help yourself can you truly be there for those you care most about.


It really is okay to not be okay. 

Remember: you’re human and not invincible to life’s stresses

1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime. 

(A widely known fact that hurts when it hits home, right?)


Yet still to this day – no matter how bad it gets
many of us find it difficult to deal with emotional overwhelm and reach out for help. 


“I should be stronger than this.” 

“I don’t want to make a fuss.”

 “Who me? I don’t deserve the support.” 

Now hang on a hot minute –

Yes, I’m speaking directly to your who-am-I-to-complain thoughts and your many-are-worse-off-than-me beliefs.

Doing nothing gets you nothing.

But if you reach out for help, things can be different and change for the better.


You deserve to live life to your fullest potential.

You are meant for so much more.


Ready to stop stopping yourself?
Don’t let the overwhelm stop you from taking action.

Imagine a life that serves you – and the world.

Wake up refreshed and full of energy.

Now you can make an even bigger impact all the while giving your best self to your family and having time to take care of yourself. Say goodbye to overwhelm.

Feel strong from the inside out.

Finally you can lay down your shield because
you’re much stronger and more resilient 
to withstand whatever life throws at you. 

Be unapologetically you.

Master the art of balance, make peace with your inner critic and live life without fear of judgement. 

Now you can feel totally free to be yourself.

Take a moment. And breathe out that sigh of relief.



A circle profile image of Jamie Kelly, HCPC registered Dramatherapist and Director of YTherapy.

Help for Helpers

Meet Jamie Kelly

The heart, soul and brains of YTherapy.

YTherapy is the UK’s only mind & body psychotherapy service dedicated to helping helpers, healers and high achievers serving the greater good.

The “Y” in YTherapy stands for “Why”. Sometimes we ask ourselves big questions because we’re curious. Or sometimes the personal crisis we find ourselves in begs for an answer so we can move forward in life.

Like a small branch of a tree, the Y also represents new growth. When you get to the bottom of your pain and nurture yourself from the roots up, you can
Heal, Grow & Flourish.

Get back to loving life and living life
the way 
you intend.

Asking for help doesn’t have to be an obstacle.

It’s my mission to make starting therapy as easy as possible
so you can take better care of your mental health.

Be the change you want to see in the world
by starting with yourself.




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