Even the strongest people struggle with insecurities.

I help people get unstuck, find balance and feel strong again through therapy.

Counselling and Psychotherapy in the Heart of Islington in Angel and Farringdon, London, EC1

<center><b>Get Unstuck</b></center>

Get Unstuck

<center><b>Feel Stronger</b></center>

Feel Stronger

<center><b>Be Unapologetically You</b></center>

Be Unapologetically You


You’ve been struggling with your confidence for some time. It feels as if your inner-critic holds you back from having the success you want in life, from becoming your best self


To the outside world, you’re accomplished, dependable and the go-to person for help and support. But on the inside, you’re close to burning out and trying not to admit defeat.


Sometimes it feels easier to keep going. To carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. To put on a brave face when you’re not okay. But pretending everything is fine is exhausting. It’s no fun feeling stuck, confused and overwhelmed.


The truth is:

You deserve to live life to your fullest potential and be unapologetically you.
You are meant for so much more.


Right now, you’re stuck in a place you don’t want to be. If you don’t take action, things may get worse over time. But if you reach out, things can be different and change for the better. 

Get back to loving life and living life the way you intend.


A woman is standing on a beach with her body turned towards the sun and the sea. She is stretching out her arms as if ready to receive what life has to offer. The woman is now happier, stronger and more confident in herself after working with a counsellor in Angel and Farringdon, London, EC1.

You’re ready to make a change. With the right help and support, you can feel strong from the inside-out and be the very best version of yourself.

I can help you get there.





YTherapy’s Philosophy

Ask Yourself Why

YTherapy's Y Logo is a small branch of a tree with two young green leaves. This represents healing, growth and flourishing in therapy.


The “Y” in YTherapy stands for “Why”. Sometimes we ask ourselves big questions because we’re curious. Or sometimes the personal crisis we find ourselves in begs for an answer so we can move forward in life.


Why go on struggling when you don’t have to?

Why hold back from being your true self?

And why just survive when you can thrive?


Like a small branch of a tree, the Y also represents new growth. When you get to the bottom of your pain and nurture yourself from the roots up, you can heal, grow and flourish.


Counselling in London

Why Work with Me as a Therapist

Private & Confidential

Private & Confidential

Your confidentiality is extremely important to me.
Private therapy takes place in a quiet and cosy setting in Central London (EC1) or from the comfort of your own home.

Quality Care

Quality Care

Your mental health is my number one top priority.
Receive the highest quality of care from a professional and find healing with effective talk therapy and creative therapy.



Your time is valuable to me.
Attend your appointments in-person, by phone or online via video using a 24/7 online scheduler so you never miss a session. It's that easy!


I’m Jamie Kelly, HCPC Reg. Dramatherapist (Arts Psychotherapist). As a therapist who’s dedicated my life to helping people bounce back from their worst days, I understand your pain.

Having worked in mental health and trauma for over 10 years, I have helped people overcome all kinds of setbacks and adversities in life. I focus on helping you heal from within so you can have the long-lasting change you’ve been looking for.




Let’s build a stronger, more confident you.


Asking for help doesn’t have to be an obstacle. It’s my mission to make starting therapy as easy as possible.

Things can start getting better today.




How Therapy Works


My Counselling Specialities

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma & PTSD

Overcome past or current trauma and become a stronger and more resilient version of yourself.

Stress & Burnout

Stress & Burnout

Let go of stress and find the work-life balance you've been looking for.



Feel happy and fulfilled in your relationships and nurture the relationship with yourself.

Confidence & Self-Expression

Confidence & Self-Expression

Connect with your authentic self, unleash your inner creativity, and live a more confident, expressive life.

All YTherapy Counselling Services

At YTherapy, I offer Dramatherapy and counselling for a variety of mental health issues from my therapy offices in Angel and Farringdon, Central London and Online Therapy. I enjoy helping adults from all walks of life. My clients often include people who spend much of their time helping others such as first responders, other counsellors and therapists, and healthcare professionals. Whether you are dealing with trauma or PTSDstress and burnoutrelationship problems or just about any other mental health concern, I would love to assist you in being the very best version of yourself. Contact me today to schedule a free call. Start your healing journey and rediscover joy in your life.