Private Therapy for Individuals

1-to-1 Psychotherapy and Counselling for Adults and Professionals

You thought you had everything under control.
But life has become unmanageable.

Life naturally has its highs and lows. But when things become unbalanced, it can feel like we’re in a constant low. And when this happens, it’s difficult to know where to turn. Suddenly your thoughts and feelings don’t make sense. You might even feel as though you don’t know who you are anymore. It can feel worrying, confusing and isolating when you’re knocked off balance and off course. But enough is enough. You’ve decided it’s time to do something about it. Now you’re ready to get back on track in life and take back control of your mental health and wellness. Therapy can be the first step to taking back your power.

Feel Balanced From the Inside Out with Private Therapy

Even with the best support network in the world, it can feel challenging to be entirely honest about the way you feel. Private 1-to-1 therapy gives you the opportunity to speak to a trained professional who can offer you the care and support you may seek from family and friends – but who remains a neutral party because a therapist is someone completely separate from your life. Here’s your chance to speak freely and openly without any fear of judgement.

With the right help and support from private therapy, you can:

Safely express your emotions and become a stronger, more authentic you.

Gain deeper insights, get unstuck and back on-track with what makes you happy and fulfilled.

Start making better, healthier choices that serve you and those you care most about.

Counselling room for private therapy in Central London. At YTherapy is located in Angel, Islington, London, EC1.

Feel better with online therapy or in-person therapy in our London counselling offices at YTherapy.

Everyone deserves to have good mental health. Everyone also deserves quality care and support.

You deserve to feel better.

In person or online, we're here for you and your mental health.

1-in-4 people experience mental health difficulties. It’s not surprising, but it’s highly likely that more people will find work-life balance to be very challenging since the pandemic.

For adults, busy professionals and those working in the helping professions, it can always feel like there are many competing priorities. 

At YTherapy, we offer various counselling options to meet your needs and schedule – whether online or in person.

You may want to access private therapy if:

  • You’re experiencing feelings of anxiety, burnout or post-traumatic stress, and you’re not sure how to manage them.
  • You’re struggling to know who to speak to about the way you feel and want direct access to help and support.
  • You’re looking for more individualised support for your mental health and you want to have a greater say over your treatment.

Take responsibility for your mental health.

We’ll be here when you’re ready.

Private Therapy for Adults & Professionals

Putting yourself at the bottom of your list may feel like an easy thing to do. But prioritising your well-being isn’t selfish. Nor is self-care self-indulgent. 

Therapy can be the helping hand you need to hold yourself accountable for your mental health.

Our approach to therapy for adults and professionals:

Trust between you and your therapist is a big part of what will make your therapy a success. You’ll never be forced to talk about things you don’t want to. Instead, you’ll be supported to work through your personal challenges with care and compassion.

By working with a qualified mental health professional, you can begin to better understand your life experiences – where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to be next.

Large majestic oak tree with flourishing leaves and sunlight. At YTherapy, counselling clients overcome anxiety, burnout and trauma. Through therapy, you can heal, grow and flourish.

Heal, Grow and Flourish 

Your mental health deserves your care and attention.

Become the very best version of yourself.

Our Counselling Specialities

We work with adults and professionals who experience a range of mental health challenges. From anxiety and panic, stress and burnout, trauma and post-traumatic stress, YTherapy uses a combination of mind & body psychotherapy, trauma-informed and resilience-based therapeutic techniques to help get you back on your feet.

Man without Health Anxiety


Calm Your Mind & Body

Feel more like you again.

Anxiety therapy can help you get to the bottom of your challenges.

Ease the constant chatter and worry in your mind & body, and feel happy and secure in who you are.

 Say goodbye to the vicious cycles of overthinking and guilt-tripping, and be unapologetically you.

Father Balanced with two Children

Stress and Burnout

Bring Back the Balance

Feel balanced and fulfilled.

Stress and burnout therapy can help you address the internal and external pressures at work and in life.

Master the art of balance and be present in your daily life.

Finally, you can leave work at work and give yourself time back to spend with your loved ones.

Woman without Childhood Trauma

Trauma and PTSD

Overcome the Past

Create your brighter future.

Trauma therapy and PTSD treatment can help you process major life events and learn how to live a fulfilling life free from the gripping power of trauma.

Heal these hard-to-scar-over wounds and become a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

Find freedom in your future.

Woman wearing glasses with cup of tea and laptop. At YTherapy, counselling clients can speak to a therapist in their own home through online therapy.

Specialist Private Therapy in London and Online

Our qualified and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists are experts in anxiety, burnout and trauma. We’ll work sensitively with your challenges.

Building trust is important to us in the therapy relationship. We  respond with compassion and encouragement, and are here to empower you every step of the way.

Our counsellors & therapists can help you:

  • Take back control of your mental health
  • Create and maintain your perfect work-life balance
  • Become stronger and more resilient in your everyday life

Start Your Therapy Journey in London or Online

You deserve the healing that can come from counselling and psychotherapy. 

We’ll be here for you when you’re ready.

Simply follow these three easy steps to start your journey to a brighter, more resilient future.

- 1 -
Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation

Schedule a free 20 minute consultation and connect with one of our therapists.

- 2 -
Begin Counselling in London or Online

Work with a fully qualified and experienced therapist in anxiety, burnout or trauma.

- 3 -
Master the Art of Balance and Feel More Fulfilled

Free yourself from the burdens of the past, live in the ‘now’ and feel excited about your future.