Workplace Trauma Counselling & Corporate Wellness Programs

Mental Health and Wellness Support for Helping Professionals 

Your team give their best to make your business a success.
How will you make it possible for them to keep giving 100%?

You’ve put everything you have into building a successful business. You’ve watched your team grow from the ground up. And now everyone’s thriving, right? Hopefully. But not necessarily. A positive company culture around mental health has to come from the top down. What will you put in place to make sure everyone has the ability to take care of themselves at work? After all, none of us can pour from an empty cup.

Take care of your staff, so they can better take care of your clients.

When your team spends so much time in your workplace, you want them to feel supported and well. At YTherapy, we provide therapy and wellness support for a range of organisations.

We can help you, and your team, flourish.

Individual 1-to-1 Counselling for Employees in the Workplace

Concerned about an employee, co-worker or need someone to talk to yourself? 

As well as our team wide mental health support, individuals can also access private 1-to-1 counselling with one of our expert therapists.

Team Wide Mental Health Support in the Workplace

YTherapy is here to be your in-house support for all things mental health and wellness. 

We’ll stay up-to-date with the latest from your business so we know how we can best support your team members in doing what they do best. 

Put you and your people first.

On average, we spend over 3,000 days working in our lifetime. With that in mind, it’s only right that employees should prioritise their mental health at work.

Mental health challenges in the workplace look different for everyone. Here are some common mental health challenges to look out for in your employees’ well-being.

Spotting employee mental health challenges in the workplace:

  • Unexplained and repeated absences
  • Decreased or unusual changes in productivity
  • Unhealthy or unkempt appearance
  • Increased mood swings, anxiety or tearfulness
  • Increased levels of disciplinary actions
  • Conflict and hostility towards employees and management
  • Lack of engagement and motivation
  • Withdrawal from meetings and social situations
  • Consumption of drugs and alcohol at work
Workplace Wellness with Organisations

Invest in your people.
And they’ll invest in you.

Your business is only as good as the people in it.

Look after them, and they’ll look after you.

Mental Health Support for Employees

Individual 1-to-1 and group support for leadership and team members.

Corporate Consultancy & Training

Hands-on mental health & wellness coaching and psychoeducational workshops. 

Bespoke Mental Health & Wellness Programmes

Personalised and proactive approach to EAP according to the needs of your employees.

Diversity and Inclusion

Prioritise workplace wellness.

Show your employees that their mental health matters.

Empower your team to take charge of their mental health and wellness.

Reach your potential with a mental health accountability partner.

Work-related stress and burnout are two of the biggest reasons for absences at work. The challenge is that there are people struggling with their mental health at work and you don’t know how to reach them.

We understand how frustrating and worrying it can be to see people at work struggling with their welfare and know that not everyone may come forward to ask for help.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes personal responsibility or makes use of the workplace benefits already in place. Sometimes the wellness message doesn’t stick or gets forgotten. And this means you may be left with fighting fires all the time. 

That’s where we come in.

Our mental health and wellness experts are here to support you so you don’t need to be alone in supporting your staff.

We can help you.

Workplace Wellness & Mental Health Services

At YTherapy, we take a proactive approach to employee mental health and wellness in the workplace. 

We use a combination of mental health and wellness support to equip you and your team with the tools you need to succeed. YTherapy understands what it means to work in fast-paced and high-pressure environments. 

When you join us for a Workplace Wellness Partnership, you and your team will work with your own in-house specialist on sustainable mental health and wellness in the following areas:  

First Responders

We provide mental health support to first responders – from front line health workers and firefighters, to police and prison officers.

We’re here for you so you can continue to help those who need it the most.

Mental health challenges for emergency responders may include:

  • Consequences of witnessing or experiencing aggression, assaults or attacks at work
  • Anti-social shift patterns that keep you away from your support network
  • Increased sleep problems 
  • Compassion fatigue and emotional exhaustion
  • Responding to significant incidents including violence and death
Emergency Responders

Stop burning out mid-career.
And start loving your job again.

Oncology and Palliative Care Nurse

Say ‘yes’ to yourself. You deserve the same care and support, too.

Health & Social Care Professionals

We’re committed to supporting the people who have committed their lives to supporting others. Remember, saying ‘yes’ to yourself doesn’t mean saying ‘no’ to others.

Mental health challenges for doctors, nurses, social workers and other health & social care professionals may include:

  • Slow responses to or even freezing during a crisis
  • Losing confidence in your ability to do your job
  • Recurring dreams or intrusive thoughts about specific patients and cases
  • Making more regular mistakes and even medical errors, such as misdiagnosing and misprescribing medication 
  • Avoiding certain types of patients who are ‘too close to home’

Legal Professionals

Long hours and high case loads coupled with intense cases and difficult clients can start to impact a legal professional’s mental health & well-being. 

But like the clients you help, you deserve support too. 

There’s no need to suffer in silence.

Mental health challenges for lawyers and other legal professionals may include:

  • Feeling like you can’t leave work at work
  • Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol
  • Difficulty establishing boundaries with your clients 
  • Little to no work-life balance 
  • Worrying about deadlines, targets and billable hours
Trauma Counsellor

Take back the control. And feel good about your future again.

Workplace Trauma Counselling

Give yourself permission to ask for help and support. You matter too.

Coaches, Counsellors & Therapists

Talk to someone who gets it. 

YTherapy offers specialist support to other mental health and wellness professionals. Coaches, counsellors and therapists can also benefit from having their very own accountability partner.

Mental health challenges for coaches, counsellors, therapists and other wellness professionals may include:

  • Suppressing your own feelings
  • Carrying your ‘clients’ stuff’ into your own life 
  • Getting lost in your own personal stories when feeling triggered by your clients’ stories
  • Bystander guilt or shame 
  • Feeling isolated due to confidentiality restrictions

You and your team deserve to thrive.

Let us help take the weight off your shoulders.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Take care of your team.
See them thrive.
And watch your business grow.

Give back what your team put in

In a fast-paced and high-stress work environment, it’s easy for anyone’s wellness to take a knock.

We know you’re here and ready to support your employee’s well-being. But sometimes it’s not possible to reach everyone who needs your help – which can feel frustrating and worrying.

At YTherapy, we believe you deserve support too and you needn’t be alone in supporting your team. We understand the challenges of your industry and the hard work that goes in to make workplace wellness accessible and sustainable. 

We’ll help you get your team back on their feet. You can feel at ease knowing you and your team are fully supported to keep doing what you do best.

Now you can make an even bigger impact in the world.

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