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Book Your Next 1-to-1 Wellness Session

Booking your 1-to-1 wellness session is easy.

Schedule your 1-to-1 wellness session with one of our wellness consultants using our 24/7 online scheduler in 3 simple steps:

1. Enter YTherapy’s Client Portal by clicking on the green button labelled: Book Your 1-to-1 Wellness Session

2. Browse availability by session type, consultant, or day & time.

3. Book your 1-to-1 with a few clicks and feel good about putting something in the diary for your mental health.

That’s it, you’re all booked in!

First time booking a session?

If you’re new to YTherapy and haven’t yet used the client portal, you’ll want to download the start guide on how to set up your client account and book your first 1-to-1 wellness session.

Returning to book your next session?

If you’ve already set up your client account and you’re looking to refresh your memory on how to book a 1-to-1 wellness session, download a ‘quick tips’ guide to booking and managing your sessions. 

Meet Your Wellness Consultants

We are fully qualified UK registered psychotherapists, each with over 10 years of clinical experience. As experts and specialists in stress management, burnout prevention and trauma recovery – we’ve got you covered.

Each of us has worked with top companies and professionals in innovative and fast-paced industries, individuals in high risk and high pressure jobs, and those on the frontline working in safety and emergency roles.

All of us work in a trauma-informed way. We are trauma-aware and trauma-sensitive, and work safely and compassionately with all types of topics – big and small. All of us also work creatively, and we have specialist training in creative psychology. We believe that engaging in wellness activities involving your creativity can have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing.

We understand that caring and going the extra mile can sometimes come at a cost to your mental health and wellbeing, and are here to support you to keep safe and healthy in the workplace so you can continue to show up to what matters most.

You can talk to any of us about anything on your mind.

Jamie Kelly

I can help you find balance and fulfillment, and feel strong from the inside out.

Anna Pinkerton

I can help make the toughest topics easy to understand so you can feel free and more in control.

Natasha Sackey

I can help you overcome overwhelm and build your mind & body’s resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions we hear all the time. Find answers to your questions about wellness, how we can help, and the ‘how-tos’ for booking your next appointment. 

New to YTherapy?

Start here to learn about YTherapy’s mental health and wellness service.

We help the helpers. YTherapy is a UK-based specialist mental health provider of therapy and wellness services for helping professionals. Our team of mental health experts support organisations and individuals working in high stress emergency environments who are likely to be affected by stress, burnout and trauma in the workplace.

Our mission is to help helpers take better care of their mental health so they can continue to be there for the world.

We believe that you deserve the same quality of care and support that you give to those you help. You matter, too.

The wellness services we provide at your workplace are aimed at helping employees who work in safety and emergency roles, who are regularly exposed to sensitive content and traumatic material.

YTherapy’s services can help you:

  • reduce the potential negative impact on your wellbeing and psychological distress
  • develop resilience and coping mechanisms to aid psychological safety
  • increase your overall confidence and self-esteem in the workplace

YTherapy is an independent provider of mental health and wellness support. YTherapy has developed a tailored programme of support for employees who work in digital first response, content moderation and law enforcement.

The service is designed to offer you ongoing psychological and emotional support. You can access our support on a regular monthly basis.

We offer the following support:

  • 1-to-1 wellness sessions
  • Group wellness sessions
  • Psychoeducational resources (e.g. wellness reading material – monthly newsletters)

Unique in its design, YTherapy’s wellness service is facilitated by consultants who are also accredited and experienced therapists. We have a wealth of knowledge and specialist hands-on experience working with anxiety, stress and burnout, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We are well-equipped to support you when things aren’t going so well. Equally, we are here to support you when things are going well. And can help you build on your resilience so that things can continue to stay well.

Unlike a standard EAP therapy service, where the focus is on supporting an individual to better manage or overcome a mental health problem or challenge, the focus of a wellness service is to build resilience, prevent problems from occurring and to minimise the impact of stress, burnout and trauma in the workplace. 

Unlike a crisis service where the focus is on providing emergency intervention when in crisis, YTherapy’s wellness service is proactive in how it is set up and intended to be used.  Our wellness services are designed to be accessed on a regular basis to help you build up healthy habits and a regular practice of wellness which can help you minimise the risk of experiencing a crisis. This can help you stay resilient and equipped to better manage particular stresses unique to your line of work.


Start by scheduling your first 1-to-1 appointment by visiting YTherapy’s client portal.

When you book your first appointment, you will be prompted to create your profile and complete relevant intake and consent forms.

In your first wellness session, we will guide you through a brief questionnaire to better understand your mental health and medical history, and create a wellness plan and goals personalised to meet your needs. That’s it – you’re all set up to fully access our wellness services.

Think of us as your wellness accountability partner – someone who will be there right by your side, helping you stay safe and well along the way.

To learn more about the ‘how-tos’ of booking your wellness appointments – please read the next section on “Accessing Your Wellness Sessions”.

Accessing Your Wellness Sessions

Learn the basic “how-tos” to access support readily available to you.

1-to-1 Wellness Sessions

Each employee is allocated 1 individual 1-to-1 wellness session per month (50 minutes).

You will see different days and times set for each week with plenty of options to choose from every month. Within this, you can choose to work with any of our wellness consultants, and you can attend in person, via online video or by telephone. 

Sessions can be booked through our client portal, an online scheduler. Sessions can also be arranged directly between you and a wellness consultant of your choice.

The following FAQ questions relate to booking 1-to-1 wellness sessions. Please read on to learn more.

Group Wellness Sessions

Group wellness sessions takes place once monthly, on a regularly scheduled day and time (1 hour 15 minutes).  

The group takes place in person. You will be sent a calendar invite each month for you to RSVP.

You can book a session anytime.

We recommend getting into a regular practice of booking your next session in advance.

During your 1-to-1 session, you may wish to discuss options for when you next attend. We can help you schedule your next session then and there so you can secure your preferences for the day and time that works best for you.

We also understand that sometimes we may need something a little more urgently. You can book the next available time within the same week, or if there is no available time, you can e-mail us directly to arrange a session.

These sessions are intended to be attended on a monthly basis, however, we understand that sometimes there may be busy periods or times where you may be OOO due to sickness or holiday. If we haven’t seen you in awhile – we’ll get in touch to check in. We’re here to help you stay accountable to your wellness.

You can book a 1-to-1 wellness session in the following ways:

YTherapy’s Client Portal

YTherapy’s client portal is a 24/7 online scheduler that allows you to instantly secure your wellness session. You can view and choose your session according to what availability you see in the calendar, your preferred consultant, and method of attendance (e.g. in-person, online video and phone).

You can subscribe appointments to your calendar (e.g. iCal – Google Calendar) which will place all upcoming appointments in your calendar when you book your appointments on the client portal system. 

Once you have booked your appointment, we will also send you a Google calendar invite with specific location details. Rest assured, you’ll have everything you need directly in your work diary.


You can reach out at anytime when you need a session. We understand that sometimes when we’re on the go, we may just want that direct contact with someone who can help make a booking on our behalf. We will aim to respond within 24 hours upon your request.

During a Session

Sometimes it can feel easier to plan ahead and choose the next wellness session at the time of your appointment. Your consultant can help you book in a time, right there and then, so you can come away knowing that you’ve secured your next appointment.

*If you would like to block book or recur a set of sessions for a certain length of time, please get in touch with us and we can help you secure multiple sessions in advance.

You can cancel or reschedule your session by logging into YTherapy’s client portal to amend your booking. Or you can reach out directly to the consultant with whom you’ve booked with to let them know there’s been a change of plans.

Where possible we appreciate your communication when things change so we can ensure the session you no longer require can be made available for others.

Just ask.

Everyone’s personal circumstance is different and we will respond accordingly to your needs.

It is possible to have additional sessions as and when the need arises. If required, we can discuss with you options available through YTherapy and help you navigate any other workplace benefits or external resources that may further support your needs.

Popular Help Topics

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions about wellness.

Therapy (also known as counselling or psychotherapy) is the process of meeting with a qualified and accredited therapist (also known as a counsellor or psychotherapist) to address a problem that impacts one’s mental health requiring a solution, treatment, or some kind of personal resolve.

Wellness is the active practice and ongoing process of taking care of our mental health and wellbeing. Whether you tend to your mental health independently through acts of self-care, or practise wellness within your personal or professional support networks – wellness needs to practised regularly and consistently to experience its full benefits. Being proactive is preventative.

Yes. YTherapy’s workplace wellness services are complimentary to other supports you may have in place – be it your own personal therapy or other wellness activities.

If you are accessing other types of support, such as counselling or other psychological treatments, it’s okay to give yourself a bit of space to focus on one mental health activity at a time. Equally, you may wish to continue engaging in our 1-to-1 support, and we can discuss how you can experience the best from all your support networks – in the way that feels most comfortable and aligned with your wellness goals.

You can talk about anything.

Wellness sessions are designed to be a safe space to discuss anything related to your wellbeing, so you can talk about any topic that is relevant to your overall health and wellbeing. This can include work-related topics and how they may impact your wellbeing, but it does not have to be limited to them.

Our consultants work in a person-centred way, which means we will be guided by what feels most top of mind for you. You can come with something specific in mind or allow the conversation to flow naturally. We can support by offering prompts and guidance along the way.

You may wish to speak directly about a particular piece of sensitive content, legal case or workflow. We understand that sometimes these can feel difficult to talk about, though necessary as part of understanding and processing what may feel challenging in the moment.

Wellness sessions can also help you work through other aspects of your job which may not be directly content related. Or perhaps you may want to talk about something more personal. Taking a holistic view to wellness, we can find connections and relevance in all that you may wish to share about your work life or personal life. 

You always have a choice.

Taking part in our wellness service is voluntary, however, recommended.

Your participation and engagement of the wellness service helps us to better see and understand if and how your work may be having an impact on you. The more we connect and get to know you better, the more we can help you.

Sometimes it may feel easier to put something off, like our wellness, when there isn’t a personal emergency to deal with – especially when your attention may be focused on attending to other emergencies at work.

Working in the field of safety and in emergency or first responder roles can very easily take our attention towards putting others first, and ourselves last. Sometimes we need to consciously create a wellness space for ourselves even when there is no emergency. We appreciate this can be a shift in mindset for how we may view and relate to wellness.

We take confidentiality very seriously.

As registered therapists, we are bound by our registration’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, to keep what you share with us – safe with us.

Any decision to break confidentiality would not be taken lightly. Only in exceptional circumstances where someone is in imminent danger, or for the purposes of safeguarding yourself or others, would information need to be shared with others on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

Your participation and what you share in your sessions are never shared with your employer.

Your employer understands that wellness at work cannot happen without a high degree of confidentiality. We only engage your employer when supporting them to better support their teams and to develop the programming of the wellness service.

Learn More About Us

To learn more about each wellness consultant’s training, skills and experiences, please read our individual bios below.

Jamie Kelly

Dramatherapist and Wellness Consultant

BA Hons, B Ed, MA, HCPC, BADth | HCPC Registered (no. AS13780)

Jamie Kelly is the Founder, Director and Clinical Lead of YTherapy. Jamie is also a practiscing clinician and works as a Dramatherapist, Wellness Consultant and Trainer. Jamie has worked primarily in adult mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, complex trauma and sexual abuse, in specialist survivor and forensic services and secure units. Jamie has worked with various organisations, including the NHS, HM Prison Services, social services, psychiatric hospitals, drug rehabilitation units, specialist psychotherapy services and charities for abuse and addiction, and Trust & Safety + Legal teams in global corporations.

Anna Pinkerton

Art Psychotherapist and Wellness Consultant

BA Hons, PGDip, TIRCouns, EMDRII, HCPC | HCPC Registered (no. AS06738)

Anna Pinkerton is an Art Psychotherapist, Therapeutic Coach, Best Selling Author, Trainer and Speaker. Anna has a wealth of experience working with SMEs and large corporates in the UK and Europe, and has developed innovative tools and resources to help support individuals and companies who experience burnout and post-traumatic stress – which includes developing her own diagnostic assessments, methodologies and training materials around burnout and trauma. In addition, Anna is a leading expert in trauma and speaks widely at conferences across the UK and internationally.

Natasha Sackey

Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Wellness Consultant

MA, RDMP, FRSA | ADMP Registered (no. 1114)

Natasha Sackey is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Somatic Body Mapping Practitioner, Creative Producer, Facilitator and Lecturer at University of Roehampton. Natasha is at the forefront of her work with individuals and organisations, and works largely with executives, leaders and performing artists in creative industries and global brands using trauma-informed mind and body approaches. In addition, Natasha leads on the training programmes for the Black and African and Asian network (BAATN) around body awareness, race, trauma and well-being for large organisations across the UK.

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