Work Performance Anxiety Therapy

The pressure at work keeps rising along with your performance anxiety. Now you’re wondering, “Is it my job? Or is it me?”

In your line of work, the pressure never seems to ease. There’s always so much to do and so many people to help. With a constant stream of responsibilities and little room for error, this pressure to perform in critical moments can feel overwhelming. On top of this, you push yourself hard and you’re hard on yourself. Striving for excellence feels more like a heavy burden than a motivating force. If the weight of performance anxiety is stopping you from doing your best work and being your best self, then it’s time to break free from anxiety’s grip. Your anxiety shouldn’t hold you back when it matters most.

Overcome Performance Anxiety and Unlock Your True Potential

The constant challenges and demands of your role can fuel fear and self-doubt, stopping you from feeling confident and fulfilled. Performance anxiety therapy can help you overcome these psychological barriers and unlock your true potential.

With performance anxiety therapy, you can:

Conquer your fears and regain confidence in your abilities.

Navigate challenging situations with certainty and resilience.

Strengthen your self-belief and thrive in your career.

Performance anxiety

Stop second-guessing yourself. You deserve to thrive.

Performance anxiety signs and symptoms may include:

  • Excessive worry or rumination
  • Negative self-talk or self-doubt
  • Feeling dread or fear in high-pressured situations
  • Fear of failure, making mistakes or disappointing others
  • Preoccupation with getting things ‘right’ or ‘perfect’
  • Avoidance of performance situations
  • Sudden mental blocks, brain fog or forgetfulness
  • Feeling like an ‘imposter’ despite evidence of competence
  • Difficulty accepting feedback or praise 
  • Feeling inadequate, worthless or not ‘good enough’

You deserve to be seen, heard and valued for who you are.

We’ll be here when you’re ready.

What is Performance Anxiety Therapy?

Performance anxiety therapy helps you address underlying fears and self-doubt that drive your work anxiety. It’s not just about taming your nerves at work or managing anxiety-provoking situations like public speaking and presentations. While you may want to boost your productivity at work, performance anxiety therapy delves deeper into understanding your underlying mindset and approach to work, addressing more than just the surface-level aspects of ‘getting things done’.

We delve into the core issues surrounding your self-belief and self-worth because these factors often underpin one’s struggles with performance anxiety. By directly addressing the underlying fears and insecurities that contribute to your anxiety in the workplace and in performance-related situations, this therapeutic approach aims to nurture a stronger sense of self-confidence and resilience within you. We’ll support you to develop a healthier mindset, establish a more secure relationship with both your work and yourself, and experience greater satisfaction and success in your professional endeavours.

Our approach to performance anxiety therapy

We honour your drive for excellence and your deep desire to contribute meaningfully to your work and the lives of others. We understand that your pursuit of success is intricately connected to your values and mission towards making a positive impact.

That’s why our approach to performance anxiety therapy is centred around nurturing a deeper understanding of your own value and building inner strength. By acknowledging your inherent worth and the depth of your desire to contribute meaningfully to your work and the lives of others, we move beyond quick fixes or surface solutions aimed solely at outcomes related to productivity and achievement. Instead, we zone into understanding the underlying challenges and empower you to fulfil your mission with confidence and resilience.
What is Performance Anxiety Therapy?

Types of Work Anxiety
We Can Help You Overcome

Procrastination, perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome are common challenges many professionals face in the workplace. The weight of procrastination can make it difficult to move forward, while the relentless pursuit of perfection can leave you feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, Imposter Syndrome can create an intense fear of being exposed as a fraud. We’re here to help you overcome these challenges so you can feel more self-assured and confident in your professional life.



Face Your Fears

Move forward with confidence.

Our fears can hold us back more than we realise. If you’re stuck in a cycle of procrastination, know that you’re not alone. We can help you understand the root of these challenges so you can break free from procrastination and approach your job with greater confidence.


Embrace Imperfection

Feel more balanced and free in yourself.

When things feel out of our control, we may find ourselves clinging tightly to everything around us. If constantly striving for perfection, moving the goalposts, and putting too much pressure on yourself sounds familiar, we can help you become more flexible, adaptable, and accepting in navigating life’s challenges.
Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Overcome Self-Doubt

Strengthen your self-belief and self-worth.

Grappling with Imposter Syndrome is like wrestling with an unshakeable belief that you’re not measuring up. If self-doubt is making you feel like you’re falling short or that your accomplishments are just a stroke of luck, we’re here to help you recognise your worth and grow in self-compassion and self-acceptance.
Work Anxiety Therapy in London & Online

Work Anxiety Therapy in London & Online

Our qualified and experienced work anxiety therapists work sensitively with you.

Building trust is important to us in the therapy relationship. We respond with compassion and encouragement, and are here to empower you every step of the way. 

Our work anxiety therapists can help you

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt, and thrive in your career.
  • Develop resilience to effectively manage daily pressures and workplace challenges.
  • Cultivate greater self-trust, self-assurance and confidence in both your abilities and in yourself.

Start Your Work Anxiety Therapy Journey

You deserve the growth and fulfilment that can come from Performance Anxiety Therapy.

We’ll be here for you when you’re ready. 

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Rediscover your strengths and regain confidence in your abilities and in yourself.

Performance Anxiety Therapy FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about work anxiety therapy.

Performance anxiety is a common experience, particularly in demanding roles where you may hold responsibility for the safety and well-being of others. In helping professions, work-related stress is typical due to the emotional demands and workload. While it may be ‘normal’ to feel greater pressure in such workplaces, it’s important to recognise when these pressures become too much.

Factors like the nature of your job and your role can amplify these pressures, making it challenging to manage anxiety effectively. If you find work anxiety impacting your job performance or well-being, seeking support is essential. Excessive stress leading to burnout and neglecting self-care can be concerning, but with guidance and strategies, it’s possible to navigate these challenges and find balance in your work and personal life.

Seeking therapy can be beneficial if you’re struggling to cope with work-related stress and anxiety on your own. A therapist can help you discover tools and strategies to better manage your anxiety, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and improve your overall well-being. 

It’s important to remember that it’s perfectly okay to seek help whenever you need it. There’s no need to wait until you’re in a crisis. Recognising that you deserve support at any stage can empower you to take proactive steps towards addressing your work anxiety. Ultimately, therapy can lead to positive transformations in both your professional and personal life.

Work anxiety can stem from various sources, including external pressures like job demands and internal struggles related to self-imposed expectations, self-esteem and self-worth. Your experiences are deeply personal, and exploring them can provide valuable insights about yourself, your resilience and coping mechanisms.

Therapy can help with this exploration process by offering a supportive environment to uncover underlying issues contributing to work anxiety. Through therapy, you can gain a deeper understanding of why work triggers anxiety and its impact on you.

While it’s important to acknowledge that therapy may not completely eliminate all anxiety, it can effectively alleviate existing anxieties. Therapy equips you with strategies to cultivate a more balanced approach to work and provides essential insights and coping mechanisms to navigate challenges with greater resilience and self-compassion.

Managing work anxiety effectively involves discovering coping mechanisms specific to your needs, using them when feeling overwhelmed, and consistently applying them to prevent stress from reaching unmanageable levels. It’s important to take action and integrate what you learn. This active journey of self-discovery and implementation is essential for building resilience and maintaining well-being in the face of ongoing work stress.

Prioritising self-care is key, especially when work gets tough. For example, setting clear boundaries between work and personal life helps keep work stress from taking over. Additionally, having supportive people around you can make a big difference in easing feelings of anxiety. Seeking professional support, such as therapy, can help deepen your understanding of how anxiety impacts you and equip you with valuable tools to better manage work-related stress with confidence and resilience.

The most important thing is to find ways to cope with stress that work for you and that you can keep doing. It’s not just about fixing things for now, but finding effective and sustainable ways that will help you in the long run.

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