On the outside, most people see you as a confident, sociable and likeable person. But the truth is that it’s hard for you to let people in. Whilst you’re able to make conversation with people on a daily basis, you find connecting with people on a deeper level really difficult. You find the same problems coming up over and over again in your relationships leaving you feeling frustrated and disconnected. In fact, you may feel completely alone in this world. However, you truly want to have better relationships with those who you care most about, to feel more connected, and to just have more happiness in your life.

Perhaps some of your struggles in relationships come from past hurts, maybe even dating back to your childhood. As an adult, you struggle to be assertive because you want to please the people who have a place in your heart. You struggle to say “no” and eventually reach a point in your relationships where you don’t feel understood or valued at all.

Relationships is a central topic in therapy. Regardless of your background or experience, it’s normal (and part of being human) to struggle in your relationships. Starting a new relationship is sometimes challenging. So is sustaining a relationship. And ending a relationship.

Thrive in Your Relationships

Your longing for loving, healthy and supportive relationships is something we all want. It’s a universal desire to love and be loved in return. The fact is that we are social beings and we thrive when we feel safe and happy in our relationships.

Relationships play a big role in shaping our mental health. If we have better relationships, we have better mental health. Being in happy and healthy relationships is something we all need and deserve in life. That’s why I am passionate and dedicated to helping people like you thrive in your everyday relationships.


What is Relationship Therapy?

Shadows of two people crossing the street to represent the value of relationship therapy with a skilled counsellor in London.When you hear the words “Relationship Therapy” you may think about couples counselling. However, Relationship Therapy is about helping you, as an individual, understand yourself better because you want to improve your relationships.

Whether you’re in an intimate relationship, have just gone through a difficult break-up or are currently single, Relationship Therapy can help you. Perhaps your most important relationship is with your adult children, your parents or close friends. Or maybe the relationship you are needing help with is really the one you have with yourself. Regardless of which relationship, you can benefit from Relationship Therapy.

It’s about helping you find ways to better connect with all of your relationships including intimate romantic relationships, family, colleagues at work, friends and even your relationship with yourself. Relationship Therapy helps you understand yourself more completely, view the relationships that you’re in more clearly, and better understand the roles you play in your life. Relationship Therapy helps you gain clarity and insight into how you relate to others. It can even go further by helping you heal deeper issues that stem from childhood. You’ll come to better understand why there have been unhealthy patterns in your relationships for years and learn new ways to approach the same old problems.

Through our work together in counselling, you’ll begin to make healthier choices for yourself and others. You’ll learn to really nurture the relationships that matter most in your life.


What to Expect in Relationship Therapy

Close up view of couple holding hands to show how relationship therapy can give you support to develop intimate relationships.Relationship Therapy is active and responsive. There is no set programme. No lengthy assessments. No homework assignments. Instead, you and I will work collaboratively as partners in the therapy sessions.

The focus is on building a safe, therapeutic relationship. Within the safety of our therapeutic relationship, you’ll be able to freely process relationships you’ve had in the past as well as explore patterns in your current relationships. Furthermore, we’ll consider what type of relationships you want to have in the future. We will use our therapeutic relationship to work on improving your communication skills and you’ll explore setting and honoring boundaries in your relationships.

Relationship Therapy is not a quick-fix solution where you come to two or three sessions where I give you two or three tips about how to listen better to others. Instead, it’s about getting to the core of your relationship struggles. You’ll also learn from experiencing the boundaries, communication and interactions within our therapeutic relationship. The relationship we create in therapy becomes a guide, a template for your other relationships.

We’ll explore your own relationship with yourself and touch on issues of self-esteem, self-worth, body image, and how culture plays a role in how you feel about your identity and who you are as a person. When you develop a better sense of self, you become more confident, self-assured and equipped in your interactions with others.


Who Benefits from Relationship Therapy

If you want to feel more connected to others and more confident in your relationships, Relationship Therapy is for you. I have supported individuals who find it difficult to trust, set boundaries, be assertive and let go of unhealthy relationships. Furthermore, I have helped people who have experienced betrayal, abuse and domestic violence in relationships.


Relationship Therapy helps address:

  • attachment problems
  • difficulties with communication and self-expression
  • feelings of disconnection and rejection
  • old wounds, relational trauma and abuse
  • self-doubt and fear of isolation
  • unhealthy patterns in past relationships

Relationship Therapy helps you:

  • become more confident and skilled at forming new, healthy patterns in relationships
  • discover new ways to belong and connect with those around you
  • heal old wounds and feel free from past traumas


Relationship Therapy Heals and Strengthens Bonds 

London Relationship Therapy Case Study – Renée’s Story

Renée is a woman in her forties living in London. She recently became divorced after many years of living in an argumentative and unhappy marriage. Over a short period of time Renée became very jealous of her ex-husband when she found out he had started seeing a new woman. Unable to cope and move on, Renée became obsessive and started sending threatening letters to this woman. Realising that she was going too far and hurting herself and others, Renée decided to look into therapy to help her come to terms with the end of her relationship with her ex-husband.

Photo of Renee writing at a table as homework for relationship therapy in London. Counsellor in Farringdon or Angel

Renée started therapy for the first time and found talking tremendously helpful as she had a lot to share. Talking through everything with her therapist allowed her to reach a deeper understanding about her relationship with her ex-husband. She gained greater insight into her feelings of loss, rejection and loneliness from their divorce. The sessions helped Renée work through her issues of trust and she began to understand how her emotions fuelled her actions which harmed others including her own integrity.

Through Self Expression & Counselling, Renée Found Healing

As the sessions progressed, Renée began to use creative writing and art making to express her thoughts and feelings. This way of working felt hands-on and tangible for Renée as it helped her to consider new and different perspectives on the same issues. Overall, working creatively helped build Renée’s confidence and self-esteem, and she gained a new sense of self-worth and self-love.

Renée learned a lot about her relationships and about herself.  Now, Renée is more comfortable being single and is open to the idea that she will one day enjoy another relationship.


Just like Renée, Relationship Therapy can help you:Happy young couple riding a scooter in London after the woman attended relationship therapy with a counsellor in Farringdon

  • Develop greater self-expression and a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Process difficult, painful and conflicting emotions
  • Better understand your relationships with others
  • Develop your confidence and self-esteem


*Please note: The name and details have been changed and altered to protect the client’s identity. The photograph is for illustrative purposes only and does not identify any clients.


Begin Relationship Therapy in Central London

You too can find the self-confidence Renée found through Relationship Therapy and begin building healthy, lasting relationships. Of course, it can be hard to open up and be vulnerable to a counsellor. However, you deserve to feel more connected to others and more confident in your relationships. It’s possible to get to that place with the help of a caring relationship therapist and counsellor, right here in London. I am ready when you are. To begin Relationship Therapy, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Schedule your free, 20-minute phone consultation.
  2. Begin the process of self-discovery and growth in relationship counselling.
  3. Build healthy relationships and feel more connected to others!

Other Services Available at YTherapy

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